For Food Processing, Cold Chain Logistics Engg. & Aqua Ammonia Mfg.
Eligible affiliates :
Any Indian citizen /NRI/or  (FDI) Having experience in small and  large scale HVAC & IR ,food processing industry
Business Model
Since more than decade we run a successful business model consisting the complex network of HVAC & IR along with manufacturing of chemicals and gases which in result has turned out in to a systematic knitting of Manufacturing and Engineering. Our customers have one roof satisfaction of their industrial requirements.
Work Affiliation Contract
Recruitment and advances to the technical work affiliate is done after work contract is signed by both parties.
For successful business administration company believes in specific exchange of technical ideas and talent which is done in one or couple of meetings it can be a conference which is arranged at executive hotels, office differs from case to case. work module is bifurcated in segments which are compulsory to be successfully completed. work affiliates or its manager should  end up conference at satisfactory mark of The Company work agreement is stand out from its necessary qualifications and skills in refrigeration industry
SHAKTIPRABHA AGRO.  issues a Contract to work together for the period not more than cproject completion period. After expire of agreement  period it has to be renewed 
d) Equipment and Miscellaneous
SHAKTIPRABHA AGRO  is a chemical and gas manufacturing company along with mfg of chemicals, company has developed engineering stream for HVAC & IR thereon as per known as SHAKTIPRABHA AGRO ENGINEERS AND PROCESSORS, equipment and suppliers trading products are placed in a pre-designed interior fixtures.


Scope of company
Shaktiprabha Agro engg.& processors in its entire potential and sector dominance will always encourage business development.
a) Providing Manual:- Company will provide a manual which is a guide cum Constitution of company covered with do’s & don’ts, limitations, authorities, data base, important phone numbers etc.
b) Investment and advances: Having taken any purchase order company will take care of working affiliates payments ,advances and facilities once sanctioned.
c) Business Awareness Conference:-Company at its own cost arrange business awareness conference to keep network updated with current market .company believe in integrated growth.

d) Assistance in Business developement: company provides a friendly service of promoting working affiliates own business potential to the client of their specialisation

e) Assurance in privacy : company gives assurance to working affiliates about privacy of their technical assets  and costing competitiveness  used for rivalry  .the specific team is working on strategy making and implementing . 

f) Marketing Assistance:- company will assist in web based marketing by including working affiliates reference to specific region. whenever company  initiates National and Local advertise campaign will promote them for business growth.

Working Affiliate Requisites
a) Business Address:-WORKING AFFILIATE must have office OR “Business Premises” in case Working affiliate has office out of India then they must provide indian representative or “Business Premises,in special case company might assist or sublease the property in it’s possession if any.
b) Dues and payments: All Dues and payments  must be settled  before project completion certificate is issued by company.once certificate is issued it means that payment are settled by both parties (i.e. company and Working Affiliate).  if  in any  project installments or part payment  is negotiated .company may issue letter of guarantee . in which both party may settle their issue for specific period
c)Professional Service :-Working Affiliate must observe technical scope described in company’s Manual if by intentionally or any reason to violate the work agreement makes it null and company’s team will take charge and might terminate thecontract because of its inefficiency.
d) profit sharing and Benefits:-company may share its profit in cases where an working affiliate is consistent in service in such case company may share dividend not more than 10 percent of profit earned through specific business done with affiliate. Regular allowances like TA, DA should be given and incentives on target completion shall also be given to enhance business spirit of the working affiliates
e) Refreshments and Accommodations :-A working affiliate should take advantage of refreshments  and Accomodation made available by company for its affiliates as a token of participation in same business circle.