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Agro Processing and Engineering.
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We are dedicated industrialist to explore Ammonia (NH3) , Tackling Engineering nuisances in agro processing sector for adopting cutting edge technology.currently developing cold- chain industry for food,meat and fish processing industry

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 key Function Of Spectrum Ammonia Is to Explore Ammonia Never Before Finding New Boundaries and New Horizon for Utilisation of Ammonia.
Aqua Ammonia Manufacture-GMP Grade ammonia produced at our plant where 1million MT Liquor Ammonia is produced Annualy. Our Research & Development Team Has Developed a unique product FOOD GRADE AMMONIA Which Is Futher Used in Food Processing Industry.For cleaning Meat,Beef to Diminish E-Coli.
Bottling of Ammonia is Done as Per Requirement Usualy – 1L,5L,10L,20L,50L,210L Drum
Refrigeration Ammonia Industry- Building Ammonia Enabled Refrigerarion Plant Providing Technical Services And AMC

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Innovation And Research In Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Sector Is A Continuous Process. We At Research And Development Wing Strive For Making The Hi-Tech And Well Equipped Operating Teams.
A) Team Refrigeration-This Team Is Fully Dedicated To Services And Advancement Activity In Refrigeration Industry Of Ammonia
B) Team Agro – Agro Team Is For Production In Food Processing Industry Various Products Are Processed And Experimented At Fully Advanced Food Processing Plant
C)Team R&D – Our Scholars Are Given Special Provision To Develop The Current Scenario By Their Intellectual Contribution
D)Team Social Bridge-When It Comes To Our Privilege For Society We Live .Our Dedicated Team For Social Bridge Takes Care Of It .We Contribute Food And Our Other Household Product To Our Corporate Ngo “PRASHANTKUMAR TRUST”

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Our Service Mechanism-
Contract With Local Farmers
cold chain service for raw material collection and finished goods distribution
Allocate Distributors Chain
Setting Up Factory Outlets
Ammonia  –
Equipping Hi-Tech Research Lab
 Distribution Chain Deployment
 Export Contract Administration
Refrigeration –
Contract With Major Players In Refrigeration Component
Work Contract With Major Players Technical Expertise
 Agreement Of Warranty With Client